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October 17, 2012
Power Brokers - Acts 8:9-24

October 24, 2012
Erasing The Boundary Lines - Acts 8:29-39

October 31, 2012

Taking A Stand -

Acts 26:19-32

November 7, 2012
Weathering The Storm -

Acts 27:1-2, 33-44

November 14, 2012
Helping One Another -

Acts 28:1-10

November 21, 2012
Spread The News -

Acts 28:23-31

The History of Summerville Missionary Baptist Church

1900 - Present

One-hundred and eight years ago, on the corner of 18th and Mars Street (Avenue), Summerville had its beginning in the home of the late Deacon and Sister Robert Perkins. Prayer meetings were held every Sunday afternoon. These prayer meetings and bible studies grew rapidly. Many souls were saved. Soon afterwards, enough funds were raised to purchase land on the corner of 20th and Mars Street (Avenue). Subsequently a building was erected.

In this building, God was worshipped in sermons, songs, prayers, and bible studies. More souls were saved and added to this flock. Several shepherds were called to lead this flock . Among them: Reverend Vons, Reverend J. H. Newman, Reverend G. W. Alderman, Reverend W. J. Roger, Reverend Backer, Reverend Pickett, and Reverend P. G. Burris. During the pastorship of Reverend Burris, the church was torn down. Services were held in St. Peters A.M.E. Church on the corner of 30th and Lee street. Sister Rosella T. Stephenson, the Sunday School Superintendant, held Sunday School in her home at 3030 Mars Street (Avenue).

God blessed Summerville with funds to rebuild another wooden church building. In the 1950’s, Reverend Burris, with the support of the members, began accumulating concrete blocks to build a new church. Consequently, a concrete building was erected. Reverend Burris left the church in 1958. The flock was without a shepherd. In the latter part of 1958, God used Deacon James Byrd, Deacon Frank Doby, and Deacon Robert Newman, to introduce Reverend Goldie Lawrence Boyd to the congregation. After a brief period of consideration, Reverend Boyd began to lead the flock. He spiritually lead the congregation until May 1992.

In August, 1992 Reverend James W. Henry was called to lead the Summerville flock. This man of God came with a God given vision. Through the uncompromising word of God, God’s vision is transforming lives and renewing spiritual faith. In 2006, a new worship center was built on west 20th Street. In 2007, the long-standing building on the corner of Mars Street was renovated and converted into a fellowship hall.

After One-hundred and eight years of spiritual devotion and physical growth, God continues to bestow his blessing upon Summerville Missionary Baptist Church. To God be the Glory.


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